Support Team

Assistant Trainer Ashley AdamsAny athlete will tell you that reaching the top of a sport takes a community of support. This is especially true for equestrian sports where both the health and well being of the horse and rider must be taken into consideration.

Bonnie owes her success to her vast network of supporters including her parents, her sister and biggest fan Margaret Egan, her winter family George and Ethel Gibbes, her working students, old friends and new; those students who have been there since the beginning and all the fans who should never ever be afraid to stop and say hi!

A special Thank You must be extended to farrier extraordinaire Doug Nielson who tirelessly and cheerfully travels to take care of the horses wherever they may be. And of course thank you to the vets who have kept the smiles on all the horses’ faces: Dr. Mark Donaldson and all the vets at Furlong and Associates.  Photo credit Mike McNally.

Bonnie has ridden some special horses throughout her career, many of them owned by friends and family. Thank you to the owners who have made these horses available: Sanford Freeman, Eileen Stovel, George and Ethel Gibbes, Rebecca Polan, Margaret Egan, Stacey and Marion Mosser. 

Finally, thank you Lisa for having the patience to put this site together, Barbara for keeping the books in the black and Rebecca for doing whatever it is you do.




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